About Me

Me in the French Quarter of Louisiana eating funnel cake
Me and my baby, Nutmeg
Me climbing at the University of South Alabama

The face behind CrapiaCreations

I’m going to start off by correcting the pronunciation of my name, since this is a widely mistaken concept. Crapia = Cray-P-yuh. The most common way I hear it said is “Crap-ee-uh” which, while this used to be funny, is jaded to me now. My full name is Megan Crapia. I am from Birmingham, Alabama and have lived there my whole life. I have always enjoyed crafting. I remember the moment I decided I wanted to be an artist, I was in first grade and I had drawn a bunny illustration for my writing workshop and everyone raved about how it was so amazing that I’d drawn it freehand. This is also when I realized I loved writing, I always got in trouble for writing stories that were too long. I started knitting when I was about that age as well. I learned from my grandmother who is a very talented and dedicated knitter. I started to paint when I was a little older, and had a lot of help and support from my grandfather, also very patient, talented, and dedicated like my grandmother. My mother tried to teach me how to cross stitch when I was very young, but I was (and still am) extremely impatient so that didn’t work out at the time. When I hit my teenage years she taught me to sew and in recent time I have grown to love sewing and cross stitching. Recently, I also got into jewelry making which is one of my favorite crafts. I have so many ideas and desires, and I am very lucky to have a supporting family that also has knowledge about the unique crafts I enjoy. I also have many other hobbies. I love to bake, traveling, I like fitness (especially rock climbing- pictured left- and yoga), I love the outdoors, and I enjoy writing. I have a dog, Nutmeg, a PitBull terrier mix who I rescued from the Shelby Humane society (pictured left). I plan to rescue many more dogs when I am out of college and have a house. I love to do good things for other people, which is why each month I will be donating 10% of each order to a different charity. I am currently at the University of South Alabama studying Exercise Science, Forensic science, and Studio Art, and plan to achieve a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

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