The Holidays

Hello! It’s been a while since my first post. I thought I would be posting more, but I was overwhelmed with a surplus of schoolwork and plans for the holidays! Now that I’ve gotten about halfway through festivities and school has ended, I now have more time to spend on my business. I celebrate chanukah and christmas, my Mom’s family being Jewish and my Dad’s family being Christian, and I decided that this year I would do my own gifts for everyone instead of my name just being put on everything. I did not expect how expensive and tiring that would be! It’s also fun to mention that my Mom has a large family. So, being myself, I made everyone gifts instead of buying them because that’s more fun and personal. I didn’t start making most of them until after thanksgiving, which gave me 2 weeks to make lots and lots of presents. Luckily I have more time until christmas. I am still doing custom orders though, so I am very very busy! I’m going on a trip to Gatlinburg soon, so that will give my wrists time to rest and hopefully I come out of the holidays RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome free! Anyways, I am very excited to update my website. I have lots of new stuff to post (mostly knitting for the winter season) and I’ve improved my work so I have better looking stuff coming soon! I hope that by this time next year I will have more stuff prepared so I have more time to spend on custom orders and family gifts. In a few months I am going to start preparing for summer stuff! It’s always pretty warm in Alabama so warm items will be in more demand sooner. But for now, I will be knitting gloves and hats and whatever y’all request! I am going to be doing inventory and cleaning out my products and posting as much as I can so that I can finally be caught up.

Happy Holidays! stay warm, wear a mask, and be safe!

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